Travestissemens (sic) Parisiens no 90 Bal des Saltimbanques the des Varietes. Imp. d'Aubert & Cie. Aubert & Cie. Place de la Bourse. Costume de Babin Rue Richelieu. Costume de Mlle. Esther. Dollel, V. d'Aubert & Cie.Esther (Mademoiselle). 8.5 x 12.5

Carl Friedrich Werner (German, 1808-1894) 1854. rich senrelxra. Hand coloured engraving. Carl Friedrich Heinrich Werner (1808-94), a German watercolourist, traveled extensively through the Holy Land, publishing his book 'Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Holy Places' in 1865. 6.75 x 9

Edmund Burke Esq. The British Cicero. 5 x 8

Henry VIII Meeting Frances 1st. John Leech. 8.5 x 5.5

Lavoisier. Ne a Paris 1744 decapite 19 Floreal l'an 2 de la Rep.peint par David grave par Casssart. Paris cez Bonneville, rue du theatre Francais N 4. 8.25 x 11.25

Le Jeune 22 rue de Choiseal. 2.5 x 4.Imperatrice Eugenie photographe brevete De S.A. Le Prince Imperial Ancienne Mon. Levitsky

Le Medecin Malgre Lui. Sganarelle. Va-t-elle ou vous savez. Geffroy. L. Wolff.

Marchand d'eau de cologne

Melle Dejazet Dans Le Capitaine

Mr. Braggs Equestrian Portrait

Mr. Jorrocks Lecture On Uniting

Mr. Romford Aa Dalberry Lees

Mrs. Oldfield

Proteus A scene full of effects

Proteus A Spirited Scene

Proteus In His Managerial

Proteus In Search Of Lodgings

Proteus suiting the action to the word

Proteus taking a benefit according

Proteus The Authors Retreat

Proteus The Flaming Actor

Proteus The Vicissitudes Of An Actor

Proteus Theatrical Fund Dinner

Road To A Fight Plate2

Sir Thomas Trout And The Bloomer

Songs repository of wit and humour thomas mclean

The Handley Cross Fancy Ball

The Hunt Ball Ask Momma Polka

The Rt Hon Louisa Elizabeth

Tom Jerry hawthorn hall jerry at home

Tom Jerry Logic and the uncommonly big











Imperatrice Eugenie photographe brevete De S.A. Le Prince Imperial Ancienne Mon. Levitsky
Proteus a scene full of effects 9.25 x 6.25



diorama mr. pickwick fifty more Christmases at least in this worls and eternal summers in another. A merry christmas to you all.


A fortified town or village called a hippah] [picture] / G. Castellini inc. [Milan : s.n., 182-?] aquatint, hand col. ; plate mark 19 x 23.2 cm. Plate from: Costume antico e moderno / Giulio Ferrario. After pl. no. 18 of: An account of the voyages undertaken by the order of His present Majesty .../John Hawkesworth.